Interesting facts in the Bible


We are told it is the Word of God approximately 2,500 times.

The Wycliffe Bible was the first translation of the English Bible.  John Wycliffe was responsible for initiating the translation, which was finished by John Purvey in approximately 1388 A.D.

In approximately 1228 A.D., the Bible was divided into chapters by Stephen Langton.

In approximately 1448 A.D., the Old Testament was divided into verses by R. Nathan.

In approximately 1551 A.D., the New Testament was divided into verses by Robert Stephanus.



Old Testament     

New Testament   

Total Bible

Number of books  





















Longest book of the Old Testament   


Longest book of the New Testament  


Shortest book of the Old Testament    


Shortest book of the New Testament  

3 John

Middle book of the Old Testament   


Middle book of the New Testament   

2 Thessalonians

Middle chapter of the Old Testament      

Job 29

Middle chapter of the New Testament 

 Romans 13

Shortest chapter in the Bible   

 Psalm 117

Longest chapter in the Bible 

 Psalm 119

Shortest verse in the Old Testament    

1 Chronicles 1:25

Shortest verse in the New Testament   

 John 11:35

Longest verse in the Bible  

Esther 8:9

God occurs   

4,379 times

Lord occurs      

7,738 times

Fear occurs    

397 times

Hell occurs 

53 times

Oldest man - Methuselah

969 years-Genesis 5:27

Person that had a bed 13 1/2 ft long

Deuteronomy 3:11

A man with twelve fingers and toes 

2 Samuel 21:20

A father that had eighty-eight children 

2 Chronicles 11:21

Dinosaurs mentioned

Job 40:15–18, Job 40:19–24

Longest name: Mahershalalhashbaz

Isaiah 8:1

Women who shaved their heads before they married

Deuteronomy 21:11-13

The sun standing still for a whole day

Joshua 10:13

An army with 700 left-handed men

Judges 20:16

Army of 185,000 destroyed in one night

Isaiah 37:36.

Became king at age 7

2 Kings 11:21



Acre - The amount of land a yoke of oxen could plow in one day.

Cubit - The length of the arm from elbow to the end of the middle finger, or 18 inches.

Cubit and a handbreadth - A cubit, plus 3 inches, or 21 inches.

Fathom - The length of the outstretched arms, about 6 feet.

Finger or digit - Equal to a man’s finger breadth, about three quarters of an inch

Furlong - About 660 feet or one-eighth mile.

Handbreadth - The width of four fingers pressed together, about three inches

Measuring reed - Ten and one-half feet.

Mile - Eight furlongs.

Pace - One step or three feet.

Span - Nine inches, from the end of the thumb to the little finger when spread.

Sabbath Day’s journey - Three-fifths of a mile.



Bekah - About one-half shekel, about eighty-eight cents if measured in silver

Didrachma - A silver coin, equal to two drachmas, eighty-eight cents.

Drachma - A silver coin, one-half the value of the didrachma. Approximately forty-four cents.

Dram - A gold coin that weighed about 8,424 grams.  Valued at forty-eight dollars.

Farthing - About four cents.

Kodrantes - About two cents.

Mina - New Testament.  Forty-nine dollars and fifty cents.

Mite - Less than one cent.

Piece of money or stater - About one dollar and seventy-six cents.

Penny -  Forty-four cents.

Tetradrachma - One dollar and seventy-six cents.



Gerah - One twentieth of a shekel.  If measured in silver, about nine cents.

Litra - About twelve ounces.

Pound - A weight used in the Old Testament, equal to about 1.6 pounds.  In gold, one thousand four hundred and eight dollars.

Shekel - Four shekel weights were used, from .36 - .72 ounces.  A shekel of silver was worth about one dollar and seventy-six cents.  A shekel of gold was worth about sixty-four dollars.

Talent - Its worth in silver is five thousand two hundred and eighty dollars.  In gold, it is one hundred and ninety-two thousand dollars.



Bath - About eight and one-half gallons.

Cab - Two quarts.

Firkin - Nearly nine gallons.

Hin - One and a half gallons.

Homer - Approximately eighty-five gallons.

Kor - Same capacity as an homer.

Log - Approximately one pint.



Cab - About two quarts.

Choinix - Equals one and a half pints.

Ephah - 74.93 pints, or app. 1.1 bushels, or app 8.5 gallons.

Homer - Equal to 11.1 bushels.

Lethech - About five and a half bushels.

Log - About one pint.

Omer - One-tenth of an ephah, about 7.48 pints.

Seah - About three and one third omers, or 24.94 pints.

Seat - Two and a half gallons.


** Note all references are taken from the King James Version.