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Christian Desk: This page is dedicated to important question often ask by Christians and non Christian alike. Topics discussed here are the compare of different version of the Bibles, Christian Rock and Roll and the deity of Jesus Christ as well as many other topics.

Creation Desk: This page has some excellence article discussing evolution VS creation.

Holy Land Photos: Your own mini tour of Jerusalem, with many of the hot spots in which most people associate with Jerusalem.

Contact Us: If you have any question pertaining to this site, or a topic you would like to see discussed here, we would like to hear from you.

Links to useful Resources: A very good resource where Christians can go for more information. These links are external to this website. All material listed on these external sites are not necessary endorsed by this Site. 

King James Bible: Here you can read both the Old and New Testament of the King James Bible online.

King James Audio Bible: Here you can listen to both the Old and New Testament of the King James Bible online. 

Why the KJV Only: Why the King James Version of the Bible is the only true Bible

Other Religions: How does the Christian Religion compare to other main stream Religions.

Fun Stuff: From this area you can find Church signs and other fun things to read.