UFO Results

Survey Statistics 9/6/2010
Title: UFO's
Description: What is your belief of the UFO Phenomena
Date Activated 7/7/2006
Total Participants: 165

Response Statistics

Question:  Do you believe there is life on other planets?
Number of responses:  165
Yes  23%
No  53.9%
Not Sure  23%

Question:  Do you believe that these life forms or aliens are?
Number of responses:  169
Not human  16%
Far advanced life forms  5.9%
Related to humans on this planet  3%
Fallen Angles from Heaven  26%
Other  21.3%
Not Sure  27.8%

Question:  Do you believe that we should search for these beings?
Number of responses:  161
Yes  12.4%
No  77%
Not Sure  10.6%

Question:  Do you believe that these life forms can be saved, and are they part of God’s plan?
Number of responses:  155
Yes  20.6%
No  56.1%
Not Sure  23.2%